It’s About Time – The Power of Systems-Based Time Management

Time management has long been a topic of busy people, including leaders and managers. In particular, most want to know how to get more done while working on the most important issues. Often efforts to manage time fall short and we find ourselves falling back into old patterns with less than optimal results. It’s time to crack the code on good time management.

Be Systematic!

It’s been proven that approximately 94% of the results we experience at work and at home are a function of the systems in which we live and work, not our individual efforts. If we want to manage time better, we have to change our systems. In addition, we usually find that 20% of the things we do produce 80% of the results we experience, both good and not so good. Finally, we find that sequencing is critical to the results we experience. If we get things in the right sequence, everything moves faster and easier with few backtracks. Here we have the three most important tenets for superior and sustainable time management:

1. A Systems-Based Approach

2. Working Only on the Critical 20%

3. Getting Things in Proper Sequence

In creating your optimally effective and sustainable time management system, make these three tenets the centerpieces of your system.