The Most Powerful Coach Training On The Planet – Systems-Based Coaching

I’ve been doing systems-based consulting, coaching and training for almost 30 years. During that time, my clients usually got Returns on Investment (ROI) of 300%-1000%. The reason my clients achieve these types of returns is not so much that I am a skilled coach and consultant, but that my coaching/consulting model is systems-based; I facilitate the use the 7 New Agreements Tools with my clients. Why you may ask is a systems-based model so important to bringing significant measurable value to our clients? Think for a moment about the impact of the following fact on coaching, consulting, leadership/management training, mentoring and performance improvement in business:

As A Coach, Good Ideas Have Little Power

FACT: Approximately 94% of the outcomes we experience at work and in business, both good and bad, are a function of the systems/processes in which people work, NOT the efforts of people.

If we do not improve the systems, we cannot improve the outcomes. At the end of the day, clients pay us to solve problems and improve outcomes. If your coaching toolbox doesn’t have systems optimization tools in it, it will be very difficult to sustainably improve outcomes for your client.

While there have been a few high profile “studies” showing huge ROI from coaching, much of it has been debunked, particularly the Nortel study, which showed ROI of 500%+ for investments in coaching. More authoritative is a recent report by Deloitte, which showed that organizations around the globe invest approximately $46 billion annually on leadership development programs. What do we get for our $46 Billion? Not much, it appears. A study by the Corporate Leadership Council found that the many billions of dollars spent on leadership training has improved productivity by only 2%. 2%! You can be assured that very little of this leadership training is systems-based.

New Agreements 7 Tools Training For Coaches

I was recently asked to train a group of experienced and highly skilled mentors who are forming a mentoring services company for early stage companies. The training is on the 7 New Agreements Tools, which is really systems-based management and facilitation—and coaching. These mentors will, I believe, set themselves apart by adding systems optimization tools to their toolboxes.

I’m going to do the same type of training for a small group of coaches and consultants. If you’re interested, I’ll send you a copy of my book that goes into detail on the 7 Tools and some information on the training. Then you can decide if you’re interested in the training. I believe this training has the potential to lift coaching to a new level of effectiveness with business clients.