“​Seeing”​ The World As It Is

Everything in the universe is energy and systems, including humans

I found having covid for the last three weeks to have been a reflective period me. Yes, feeling like one can’t get out of bed tends to interfere with reflection, but somehow reflection wormed its way into my old mind patterns as a regular guest.

One thing came into focus for me. The only thing that is going to save humanity and all life on the planet is the raising of human consciousness. Having been a student of awareness, mindfulness and transformation for 40 years, I’ve been clear in my own mind about this “only solution” to the human condition but have, for the most part, not shared these thoughts. My reflections made it clear to me that it’s time to share anything that might be helpful to self and others in raising consciousness and transforming personally, professionally and collectively.

Don’t Forget the Systems 

The other thing that became clear to me is that a systematic approach to raising consciousness and transformation is a game changer and must be part of any accelerated transformation process. While we know that systems create our physical reality, the mind too is systemic and will transform faster and deeper using a systems-based approach.

While anyone can become “enlightened” through years of practice in an ashram, monastery, or temple, it appears we are out of time for that. Each of us is going to have to do our own work in the sacred spaces we create for ourselves. Along the way, there are universal principles we all must seek to honor

Everything is Energy

In my eight years with don Miguel Ruiz, famed for his iconic The Four Agreements, one of the things he talked about was “seeing”. Even if things appear solid and separate, we know everything in the universe is made of energy and whatever realities we create for ourselves are a dance of those energies.

Don Miguel told us that if we did the transformational work, practicing the Masteries of Awareness, Transformation, and Intent, at some time, we might begin to “see”. What he meant is that we would begin to see energy and the dance of that energy as an expanded/universal reality. 

I was a dedicated student but went years not seeing anything except what I’d always seen, solids and separates. Then one day in Hawaii, sitting on the bank of a sacred hot spring that flowed directly into the ocean, I was watching the trade winds blow through the trees. I began to “see”. The trees turned to swirls of green energy, the ocean to a blue dance with plumes of white energy where once there had been breakers. I could see the wind as a dance of silver that weaved through the other dances. My body danced with itself and all in energetic grace. 

A little later, when my perception had returned to solids and separates, like a little kid, I raced to the pool where don Miguel and a few others were enjoying the water and each other’s company. I blurted out, “Miguel, I can see! I saw the energy! I saw the dance! I saw the world as it is!” Don Miguel could not stop laughing. He put his arm over my shoulder and said, “I knew you would see. Now you know how the world is.”

“Seeing” Isn’t About Doing–It’s About Being

I’ve had the experience of seeing on multiple occasions now, often in nature with the wind blowing. I’ve also had it in sacred places where people gather to practice, such as ashrams, holy places, in the pyramids of Teotihuacan, at dawn in the desert on a vision quest. I even sometimes see when in front of the room teaching or facilitating 3D. It’s always spontaneous and always when I’m feeling a deep connection to what I’m observing.

The thing about seeing is that we can’t unsee the truth of energy and connection, even when we are back to perceiving reality as solids and separates.

Whether you ever “see” or not in your transformational journey is not important. What is important is knowing that the myth we’ve made up in our minds of separates and solids is at the heart of the woos we face personally, professionally and as a species.

Separation – The Killer in the Kingdom

Separation from Self causes us to see ourselves as separate from everything and creates the fear in the mind that is the source of self-destruction and the destruction of anything “other”  on the planet. The domesticated mind does not see itself as part of nature or the universe, but as separate from it, which is, of course, impossible.

Nowhere in the universe can we find where one system/energy ends and another begins. Everything is connected and everything, big and small, has some effect on the whole, including you and me. Nothing happens in isolation. In the end, there is only One.

The Great Gathering is Coming

The solving of problems currently faced by humanity, including personal, professional, and collective ones, will happen only when it brings us together with other kindred spirits sharing our true essence, love, light, and communion. This Great Gathering, as I call it, which is now moving from infancy toward an organic movement, will create the same synergistic energies that power the universe and the planet in their creative magnificence.

Through these synergies, we have an opportunity to transform those mythical parts of ourselves driven by separation and fear and raise human consciousness to the levels necessary to continue the human experiment.

In my next article, I’ll speak to the myth of death—the ultimate fear-based separation.