DreamWork 4 – Dream Symbols – Meet Yourself in a Whole New Way

Dreams contain powerful messages in symbolic form. The symbols in a dream are always aspects of the dreamer, or more accurately, aspects of the dreamer’s mind. Let’s look at the universal meaning of dream symbols.

Anyone interested in knowing the powerful messages in our dreams must first understand this critically important concept: Every symbol in a dream is a part of the dreamer. All symbols are aspects of the dreamer’s mind.

Symbols are almost never literal. Even symbols that appear to be literal are filled with deeper meaning. For practical purposes, we must be aware that the symbols in a dream represent parts of the dreamer or, more accurately, parts of the dreamer’s mind.

The Four Parts of the Mind

Inner Wisdom has told us that there are four parts of the dreamer’s mind; they are the Masculine Mind, the Feminine Mind, the Authoritarian Mind, and the Spiritual Mind. Please note that both men and women have these four parts of the mind and that symbols in dreams are the same for both male and female dreamers. Let’s take a look at the four parts of the mind.

The Four Parts of the Human Mind are:

The Masculine Mind: (He) is the logical part of the psyche, the part that speaks and “thinks.” The Masculine Mind is the part of us that wakes up in the morning. He is also the youngest part of our psyche and the loudest, demanding that he be heard almost all of the time in our waking state. He’s that little voice that is always chattering in our heads. You know, that voice that might be saying right now, “What little voice?” The Masculine Mind is the thinking part of ourselves that expresses in words, reason, numbers, and logic.

The Feminine Mind: (She) is made up of memories and emotions. She’s the part of us that controls emotion and the hormonal system. By applying various levels of emotion to thoughts, beliefs, and memories, she gives them value. She is the part of us that creates and maintains relationships with others.

The Authoritarian Mind: The Authoritarian Mind is the maker of rules, regulations, and boundaries. It is territorial, black and white, fight or flight, and sees the world in the cold- blooded, unemotional way that a reptile might. The Authoritarian Mind is established by authority figures—mostly in the early years, by mom and dad. We might say that the Authoritarian Mind is our domestication by the authority figures in our lives.

The Spiritual Mind looks at the big picture. It is our connection with nature, our planet, and the cosmos. It regulates our bio-clock and is sensitive to light. It is the part of us that connects to physical energy. It is also the part of us that is closest to Inner Wisdom.

Humanity Out of Balance

A man’s identity resides more in the Masculine and the Authoritarian Minds. A woman’s identity resides more in the Feminine and Spiritual Minds. However, human beings are designed to be whole and balanced, with all four parts of the mind in balance and working together. That has not been the case for humanity.

For thousands of years, the Masculine and Authoritarian Minds have dominated at the expense of the Feminine and Spiritual Minds. This explains the suppression of women in most human societies and the ongoing war on nature.

Symbols in a Dream are Parts of the Dreamer’s Mind

When we dream, the symbols in the dream always represent one of the four parts of our minds. Let’s look at what symbols represent the various parts of the mind.

Part of the Mind                                                     Symbol

Masculine Mind:        Males in the dream the age of the dreamer or younger.

Feminine Mind:          Females in the dream the age of the dreamer or younger. Mammals.

Authoritarian Mind:   People of authority in the dream (parents, bosses & etc.) — Anything man-made (cars, houses, computers & etc.) Reptiles. Insects. Spiders. Birds.

Spiritual Mind:         God. Saints. People of Wisdom. Jesus. Buddha. Spiritual Mentors — Things Made by Nature: Nature. Sky. Ocean. Earth, Trees. the Cosmos. — Fish. Sea Creatures.

Now that we know what the symbols in dreams represent, in my next article we will begin to explore DreamWork Dream Interpretation and receiving the powerful messages in our dreams.