DreamWork 6 – Getting the Message from Inner Wisdom

In DreamWork, this is where the rubber meets the road–Dream Interpretation. Enjoy as I walk you through the methodology Inner Wisdom imparted to us to receive Its perfect guidance in a dream.

In this article, number six in a series and probably the final one on DreamWork, I will take you through a DreamWork dream interpretation of an actual client (name is changed). This is a rather lengthy article, but I felt, for those interested in harnessing the power of DreamWork, everything herein should be included. Read all the way through. I saved the best for last. Let’s get started.

Jane had done a Dream Assignment asking the question, “What is my higher life purpose?” We will examine this dream in detail, identifying the key components of the dream as we go. As we interpret this dream, see if you can identify key components for yourself, particularly the emerging theme of the dream, which is the answer to Jane’s Dream Assignment question.

Jane’s Dream Scene:

I’m at a water park. I’m trying to find the lap pool. There are many doors. I don’t know which door to go through. I’m frustrated. I can’t read the signs over the doors. I don’t know what they mean. I’m lost. I’m terrified. Finally, I can’t wait any longer. I plunge through a door and find the lap pool. I’m so relieved. But as I’m about to go in the water to do my laps, the pool changes into a river ride. I’m surprised. I find myself floating in an inner tube on the river with lots of other people who are having fun, too. I feel like a kid again.

Distillation of Symbol: Jane

DreamWork Coach – Tell me about the Jane in the dream. What’s she like?

Jane – Well, she’s like me.

DreamWork Coach – Good. What are you like?

Jane – Well, I’m sort of searching right now.

DreamWork Coach – What do you mean by searching?

Jane – Well, I guess I’m feeling a little lost right now. I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life. I feel like there is something missing in my life. I tend to wear myself out because I keep doing so much. But I don’t feel good about all the stuff I’m doing.

DreamWork Coach – What do you mean by “I don’t feel good”?

Jane – It’s like banging my head into a wall. I do this. Then I do that. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m always running. It’s not fulfilling. It wears me out

DreamWork Coach – Very good. What do you mean by fulfilling?

Jane – I would be doing something that had real meaning for me. I know my coaching is good, but all the stuff of looking for clients and running around isn’t fulfilling. It wears me out. I hate it. It’s drudgery. I want to be happy. I’d be fulfilled if I were doing something that I loved to do and that made a real difference in people’s lives. I just want to be happy. I guess I feel like I can’t quit doing all the stuff, because I’d be letting people down.

Distillation List: Jane

 • Me

• Searching

• Lost

• What to do with life

• Something missing

• Worn out – Doing too much (why? – to avoid letting people down)

• Don’t feel good

• Do this – Do that

• Don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing

• Not fulfilling

• Wants meaning

• Worn out

• Fulfillment = love work/make a difference

• Fulfillment = be happy

• (Non-fulfillment = not loving work/ not making a difference/not happy)


Distillation of Symbol: Water Park

DreamWork Coach – Jane, when you think of a water park like the one in the dream, what comes to mind?

Jane – It’s restorative, light, lively, and its purpose is to play.

DreamWork Coach – Great. What do you mean by play?

Jane – It’s fun, it’s happy, it restores and heals.

DreamWork Coach – And what do you mean by heals?

Jane – It restores. (notice things are repeating—that’s as far as we can go in distilling)

Distillation List: Water Park

• Restorative

• Play

• Heals

• Restorative (note repetition here)


Distillation of Symbol: Lap Pool

DreamWork Coach – What does a lap pool mean to you?

Jane – Well, you swim laps in a lap pool. Back and forth. I like a lap pool best when I’m alone. That way I can swim in peace. I always compete when there are other people in the lap pool. I’ve done this since I was a little girl. I love being in the water. It’s good exercise.

DreamWork Coach – Good. What do you mean by “good exercise”?

Jane – Well, it’s something you’re supposed to do. (As Jane says this, she has the realization that the lap pool is a competitive place where you do the things “you’re supposed to do.” She also realizes that in the “supposed-to-do pool” she tends to isolate herself from other people.)

DreamWork Coach – Jane, we’ve explored the lap pool. Are there any other insights that you have seen that we haven’t discussed?

Jane – No. But I’m getting a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I know where this dream is going.

DreamWork Coach – That’s a very good sign that we’re moving toward deeper meaning. Nice work. Are you ready to continue?

Jane – Yes.

Distillation List: Lap Pool

• Swim laps

• Back and forth

• Likes being alone – not competitive

• Peace

• Loves water

• Good exercise

• What she’s supposed to do


Distillation of Symbol: Doors

DreamWork Coach – What are the doors all about? What do you think of when you think of doors like these?

Jane – The doors are a place to go through, an opening. They can be a solution to a problem. They allow me to go where I want to go. It’s freedom.

DreamWork Coach – Very good. What do you mean by “allow me to go where I want to go”? Where is it that you want to go?

Jane – I want to go to the lap pool, but I don’t know what the right door is. I can’t make a choice. 

DreamWork Coach – Good. What do you mean by “right door”?

Jane – The right door gets me to the lap pool.

Distillation List: Doors

 • Place to go through

• An opening

• Solution to a problem

• Freedom


Distillation of Symbol – Signs

DreamWork Coach – You say you can’t read the signs over the doors. What do these signs mean to you?

Jane – They point the way. They’re a guide. It’s there, but I can’t read the signs. They don’t make sense to me. I’m missing something important.

DreamWork Coach – You’re doing great. What do you mean by “missing something important”?

Jane – I’m dense. It’s right in front of me, but I don’t get it. There is no way to know what’s right.

DreamWork Coach – What do you mean by “what’s right”?

Jane – Choosing the door to the lap pool.

DreamWork Coach – What would happen if you chose the wrong door?

Jane – That’s exactly why I feel lost. I don’t know what to do.

DreamWork Coach – What would happen to you if you didn’t know what to do and chose the wrong door?

Jane – I’d be really lost.

DreamWork Coach – What do you mean by being “really lost”?

Jane – I’d be terrified that I might lose my business. I might lose my husband. I’d lose my life.

DreamWork Coach – Great work, Jane.

Distillation List – Signs

• Signs point the way

• A guide

• I can’t read

• Don’t make sense to me

• I’m missing something important

• Right in front of me but don’t get it

• There’s nothing that makes sense to me that tells me what to do


Distillation of Symbol – Plunging

DreamWork Coach – What do you mean by “plunging through the door”?

Jane – I couldn’t just stay there in terror of making a mistake. I just took a leap of faith.

DreamWork Coach – What do you mean by “a leap of faith”?

Jane – I knew that if I were ever going to get where I wanted to be, I’d have to take a risk. There was no way to know what the right move was, so I just went for it.

DreamWork Coach – Good. What do you mean by “went for it”?

Jane – To go for it is to go for it. It’s taking the plunge. It’s knowing that to do something I feared was the only way I was going to get where I wanted to be. You just must have faith that something good will happen.

Distillation List: Plunge

• Fear of making a mistake

• Leap of faith

• Taking a risk

• Not knowing, but going anyway

• Went for it

• Took the plunge

• Get where I want to be

• Faith that something good will happen


Distillation of Symbol: River Ride

DreamWork Coach – What does a river ride like this one mean to you?

Jane – It’s like a Disney Jungle Ride. It’s an adventure. It has curves and you never know what’s around the corner. There are lots of kids and parents on the river. It’s fun. I felt like a kid again.

DreamWork Coach – What do you mean by “adventure”?

Jane – It’s stimulating. There’s a starting point, but you can’t see the finish. You don’t need to know where you’re going. The river is taking you where you need to go.

DreamWork Coach – What’s the difference between the lap pool and the river?

Jane – A lot. In the lap pool, I have to put in the effort, but I don’t ever go anywhere except back and forth. In the river, I don’t exert any effort, and the river takes me wherever I’m supposed to go. The lap pool is work. The river is fun. The lap pool is best done alone. The river is much more fun with others along enjoying the ride, too. The lap pool is all of the things I have to do. In the river I’m in the flow. The river is all the things I want to do. Oh my God! That’s it, isn’t it! I’ve spent my whole life in the damn lap pool because I’ve been afraid of making a mistake or letting people down or not being good enough or some crap like that. That’s it, isn’t it? It’s supposed to be fun. [Note: This is a powerful emotional insight for the dreamer.]

Distillation List: River Ride

 • Adventure

• No need to know

• People make the ride better

• Fun

• No effort

• Going where I want to go

• I’m in the flow

• No mistakes, not letting people down or not being good enough

• Fun

• Doing what makes heart sing


DreamWork Coach – Excellent work. I think you’re on to something, Jane. But before we look at the theme of the dream, let’s complete the dream and see if there might be another nugget or two. Or would you like to spend some more time with these great insights that you’ve just seen?

Jane – No, let’s finish. I want to get it all.

DreamWork Coach – Great. Let’s take a look at the last few symbols.


Distillation of Symbol: Inner Tube

DreamWork Coach – You say you’re in an inner tube on the river. What does this inner tube remind you of?

Jane – When I was a kid, like all kids, I loved to play in inner tubes. We floated on rivers in the summer with other kids. It was so much fun.

DreamWork Coach – What is an inner tube?

Jane – It’s the inner part of a tire that inflates so the outer part keeps its shape

DreamWork Coach – Good. What does a tire do?

Jane – It allows us to go where we want to go and absorbs the bumps in the road.

DreamWork Coach – So are you saying that the inner part of a tire supports the outer part of a tire so that we can go where we want to go?

Jane – Oh! Yes.

DreamWork Coach – So Jane, how might the inner tube relate to your journey or getting to the place you want to go?

Jane – The inner part will support my journey on the river. The support should be fun. How am I doing?

DreamWork Coach – Great! You’re becoming a DreamWork Coach yourself.

Distillation List: Inner Tube

 • Play, fun, other kids

• Makes it possible to go places

• Inner supports outer

• Absorbs bumps along the way

• Inner supports outer on the river of life


Distillation – Feeling Like a Kid Again

DreamWork Coach – You’re on the river feeling like a kid again. Does that remind you of a time in your life when you were a kid?

Jane – Yes. I used to love horses when I was a kid. I still do. I rode horses. I

played horse. We had great times. It was so much fun.

DreamWork Coach – Why horses? What’s so special about horses?

Jane – Horses are so real. They’re so authentic. You can’t fool a horse. They know exactly when we’re being real or when we’re stuck in our minds. They’re strong. They’re playful. They don’t judge. I love horses. I feel alive when I’m with horses.

DreamWork Coach – What do you mean by alive?

Jane – No worries. No stress. Able to do what I want. Freedom. No

“have to’s.”

DreamWork Coach – Last question, Jane. What do you mean by “no have-to’s”?

Jane – Freedom to do and be what I want. Fulfilled. Freedom.

Distillation List: Kid

 • Horses

• Play horse

• Fun

• Authentic

• Feeling alive

• No worry or stress

• Able to do what I want

• No have-to’s

• Freedom to do what I want

• Fulfillment. Freedom.


Now we’ll look at the Turning Points in the dream. Where does the dreamer feel one way, and then, as a result of something happening in the dream, the dreamer feels another way? Notice how one Turning Point often leads to another.

Major Turning Points (TP):

TP 1 – Feeling okay – Doesn’t know which door to pick/Gets frustrated

TP 2 – Frustrated/Can’t read signs – Becomes terrified

TP 3 – Terrified – Plunges through door/Complete relief

TP 4 – Relief – Pool changes to river/Heart sings

In a Turning Point, the problem is frequently on the left side and the solution to the problem on the right side. Let’s look at these Turning Points from the Problem/Solution point of view: 

TP 1 – Problem = Complacency — Solution = Get frustrated with not knowing

TP 2 – Problem = Frustration — Solution = Allow your fear to come up around not knowing

TP 3 – Problem = Fear of not knowing — Solution = Plunge through your fears

TP 4 – Problem = Doing what you’re supposed to do — Solution = Do what makes your heart sing

As you look at these Turning Points and the Distillation of the dream symbols, can you begin to see the theme of this dream emerge? The theme is the answer to the dreamer’s question, which is, “What is my higher life purpose?”

It doesn’t matter if the DreamWork Coach knows or doesn’t know the dreamer’s question prior to guiding a dream interpretation. The theme of this dream is detailed below in the Message from Inner Wisdom.

The Message from Inner Wisdom – You can’t find your life purpose because your Feminine Mind (Jane) is too engaged in things that she feels she must do. She has no choices. There are signs (Authoritarian Mind) everywhere that I, Inner Wisdom, have sent to you to indicate opportunities or doors toward change, but you can’t make sense of them. Because you are afraid of making a mistake (wrong door: Authoritarian Mind), you continue to do things that make you unhappy and wear you out. The solution to your problem is to “plunge” through your fears of making mistakes or letting people down. You can do this by plunging into the unknown. However, you must not plunge back into the things that take so much effort, confine your Spiritual Mind (water in lap pool), wear you out, or make you unhappy. Instead, you must ride into the things (river: expanded Spiritual Mind) that are effortless, fun, and make your heart sing. Rather than being like Jane in the lap pool (Feminine Mind), you must be like horses (Feminine Mind) in being authentic, strong, and playful. Your inner work will support your journey (inner tube: Authoritarian Mind). In finding what makes your heart sing, you will find your freedom. In following My guidance, your life purpose will come to you effortlessly.

Building Bridges to the New Reality Indicated by Inner Wisdom

Of course, the next question becomes, “Okay, I got the message. Now what? I can’t quit my job and just play every day. I have a mortgage, a family, and responsibilities.”

A good DreamWork Coach will not recommend the dreamer do anything that will create more difficulties in life. We live in a physical reality that has rules. We must pay the bills or suffer the consequences. We must take care of the family or suffer the consequences. It is much more sensible to be practical as we plan the actions we will take.

The strategy that has proved most effective is what I call “building a bridge” from the old reality to the new one. Your bridge is your strategy to move from where you are to where you want to be. Building a bridge thoughtfully and formally is a great way to create a concrete plan.

Some additional Dream Assignments may add clarity around the building of the bridge. Once the bridge is clearly created in one’s mind, the mind begins to pull the new reality on the other side of the bridge to us. Everything is created inside/out, yes?

Jane’s Story Continues

Jane began to act on her bridge, spending less time on the things in the lap pool and more on the things on the river. As her coach, I helped her create sort of a mantra in the form of a question that would act as a guide for her in making choices. The question was, “Is this lap pool or river?” As much as possible, Jane made choices that put her on the river.  

We did additional Dream Assignments to gain more clarity around Jane’s life purpose. We found that Jane was supposed to be working with horses in her training and coaching with business people. Like much of Inner Wisdom’s guidance, this idea seemed highly improbable to Jane’s mind at the time. Still, Jane’s heart was on fire at the thought that she could use horses in her work with people.

Out of nowhere, people associated with horses began to show up in Jane’s life. Jane formed a partnership with a wonderful woman who had been using horses to work with disabled children. The woman was looking for a way to take her skills and horses into the business community. They are looking at creating an equine focused leadership/management experience for business people. Jane is happier, more energized, and more fulfilled than in many years–maybe more so than since the days of playing horse as a young girl.

Has everything been easy? No, of course not. There have been many challenges. However, once Jane knew her purpose, nothing could stop her. Every obstacle has become a door of opportunity to plunge through. Her Inner Wisdom guide is always with her.

For the most part, Jane chooses the river in making life decisions. As she does her inner work, her mind draws her new reality to her more easily and effortlessly. Jane’s destiny is to work/play with horses in a way that brings her everything she needs and makes a real difference in the lives of those she and her horses touch. It’s a beautiful dream.