About The Work and 3D Problem Solving


On the surface, we are a consulting, systems-based training and leadership development company that has been quite effective for our healthcare clients. However, we are more than that. We have developed and implemented a revolutionary new model, 3D Problem Solving, for the system-based, bottom/up transformation of any business, but with an emphasis on healthcare.

We are on a mission to spread the good news that an easily implemented, higher-level leadership, management, and problem solving model has revealed itself to us. We now call this model 3D Problem Solving (3DPS). Unlike legacy systems improvement programs, the engine which drives 3DPS is Nobel Prize winning systems science, the Law of Dissipative Structures. The Law of Dissipative Structures is both the reason healthcare is such a mess on the front lines and, used properly, staff’s and healthcare’s savior.

For most companies and certainly for healthcare, 3DPS obsoletes failed improvement programs such as six sigma and lean, which simply cannot be implemented in western healthcare. Because the model creates genuine, staff directed, systems-based transformation in healthcare, it cleans up much of the mess we’ve made of healthcare.

Within The New Agreements and 3D Problem Solving are the roadmap and tools for the bottom/up, systems-based transformation in healthcare. Importantly, the roadmap includes a practical implementation strategy and practice than makes organizational transformation simple and fast, if not easy.

3D Problem Solving transforms systems while growing people. In the process, staff learn to be excellent leaders, managers, and problem solvers, regardless of title or role. They also become catalysts for genuine, systems-based transformation in healthcare.

Our vision is of thousands of kindred spirits around the world facilitating this work in healthcare. We believe when enough organizations are being led, managed, and improved bottom/up implementing this new model, we may reach a tipping point where healthcare itself is transformed for the betterment of all stakeholders and humanity as a whole.