the New Agreements

The New Agreements for Leaders - Principles and Processes thAT Create Great Leaders

1. Find your higher purpose for work
2. Grow and serve your people

3. Lean into the core problem
4. Pursue mastery

1. Find Your Higher Purpose for Work

We believe that each of us is here in this lifetime for a purpose and even a higher purpose. Discovering your calling is powerful indeed because it gives your work and your life meaning. When you stand in your higher purpose, the universe will send you what you need to achieve it.

Grow and Serve Your People
A great leader cares deeply about his/her people. If you can’t care, you can’t lead. Part of caring is the desire for those we lead to experience success and even joy at work. This comes about by serving your people and being committed to their continuous growth.
Lean into the Core Problems
A great leader knows how to find the root causes of problems while fully engaging his/her people in the process. By removing the causes of your core problems, you stop fighting the same fires over and over and set up your people for success. The mastery of The New Agreements Tools is how you lean into the core problems.
Pursue Mastery
The New Agreements for Leaders is a mastery—a mastery of leadership. See the New Agreements as your path of becoming—becoming a great leader. Any mastery requires commitment, practice and the right tools and training. We provide the tools and training. You must bring the commitment and practice.

The New Agreements for Leaders is a new and proven effective transformational model for rapidly growing leaders, managers and high performing businesses.

“I did some keynote speaking from 1990-2010, mostly on quality, leadership, and the power of systems/process in business. People received value from these presentations and I was considered ahead of my time in the creation of quality cultures in businesses. However, The New Agreements for Leaders take the concept of being ahead of the coming leadership paradigm shift to a whole new level. Hire me if you want to blow your people’s minds (in a good way).”
– David Dibble

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