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THE face of new agreements in healthcare

Over the years, I created what I believe is a new and super effective model for creating/growing great leaders, managers, and transforming companies, The New Agreements for Leaders. The New Agreements for Leaders is a mash-up Nobel Prize winning systems science and universal transformation principles.

These New Agreements were partially sparked by my eight years with don Miguel Ruiz before he wrote his international best selling The Four Agreements. Although in our time together we didn’t call the work by this name, it was really the study of human transformation. 10 years prior to meeting Miguel in 1990 when he first came to America, I had been an avid student of both systems science as it related to the workplace and human transformation, including my own.

Although not a great student in my early school years, I was fascinated by the universe, living systems and how the planet and universe worked. I was especially pulled to nature and its amazing synergies and, in the big picture, so little real competition. My dad, a tuna fisherman, fostered my love of the sea and waves. I was an avid surfer for 60 years before getting injured and I’m still an occasional bad golfer.

I’ve been lucky in the things important to me in my life: my relationships, family, and a higher purpose for work. Linda, my beautiful bride, and I are approaching 50 years at the hitching post. We have three grown children who are not in jail or rehab, which is about all a parent can ask these days. For reasons still unclear to me, our kids appear to like us. Our grand kids are amazing and somehow make me into a kid again myself.

David Dibble

We moved to Napa to be closer to the kids and grandkids and I’m being forced to learn how to drink fine wine from something other than a gallon jug.

People say I’m funny and I admit to loving a good laugh. If people don’t laugh at my jokes, I do. I believe wisdom is earned and more useful than knowledge. I’m kind to animals and living things in general except for mosquitoes. I have kept Linda up for hours as I hunted down and put to death a single mosquito that had violated the no fly zone that is our bedroom.


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The New Agreements for Leaders and 7 Tools comprise a  systems-based transformational model the rapidly improves front line systems in healthcare where care is actually provided. This transformation significantly improves quality of care, patient satisfaction, safety, and care provider satisfaction while dramatically lowering costs. This is the bottom/up, front line driven, systems-based transformation healthcare has been crying out for.





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