Workplace Transformation Based upon Nobel Prize winning systems science, not spc

“David doesn’t speak of workplace and leadership transformation. He embodies that transformation. Each of us left his presentation changed in some way. His New Agreements for Leaders Model stretched my thinking beyond everything I’ve heard or read about leadership or organizational change.” – A CEO

The New Agreements for Leaders and 7 Tools comprise a  systems-based transformational model the rapidly improves front line systems in healthcare where care is actually provided. This transformation significantly improves quality of care, patient satisfaction, safety, and care provider satisfaction while dramatically lowering costs. This is the bottom/up, front line driven, systems-based transformation healthcare has been crying out for.

“For many years I felt like the information that came to me about workplace and personal transformation was privileged in some way. Possibly age or becoming more aware this information is meant to be a catalyst for meaningful change in the workplace and the world changed all that. Though rather late in my life and career, we are doing our best to share this wisdom with all who are ready for genuine transformation in the workplace, starting with healthcare. That is our mission and, I believe, the destiny of The New Agreements & 7 Tools leadership and workplace transformation model.
– David Dibble




Approximately 94% of the Outcomes Experienced in Healthcare, both Good and Bad, is a Function of the Systems/Processes in Which Care Providers Work, NOT the Efforts of Those Care Providers.

Think how this fact changes so much we’ve been taught about leadership, management and transformation in healthcare.