Welcome to 3D Healthcare

Staff-Led, Admin Supported, Systems-Based Transformation in Care Delivery for the Benefit of both Patients and Staff.

We have cracked the code on systems-based transformation in care delivery.

Our Services

We teach YOU to facilitate 3D and Support YOU to be successful in Implementing it Where YOU work in Healthcare.

Only staff can fix care delivery systems. We teach you to fix care delivery and heal from burnout in the process.

Coaching David Dibble

Are You a Champion for Staff, Those on the Frontlines of Healthcare Who Care for Patients? Do You Want to Make a Real Difference?

Become Certified to Facilitate 3D Healthcare With Your Care Teams. Simple, Fast, Systems Change that Heals the Healers in the Process.

Online Courses

As an individual or an organization, choose the course that’s right for you.

Consulting & Customized Training

For organizations that require direct support, we are happy to customize a consultive or training development program for you and your teams.


We offer both system-based executive coaching and operational/change coaching to fit your needs.

Learn How the 3D Healthcare Model was Created and Pulled to Healthcare. Watch the Video/Webinar.

Learn How Easily You Can Bring Teams Together to Resolve the Systems-Based Problems that have Plagued Nurses, Physicians, and support staff for Decades, Systems so Stressed as to Have Become the Primary Root Cause of the Mass Burnout of Staff.

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Why Choose Us


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Get Certified

Start facilitating 3DHC where you work in healthcare.

Get Coached

Stay on track with systems-based executive coaching.

Get Supported

Bring David in to show you the 3DHC way.

Get Connected

Join other 3DHCers to create synergies.

Get Customized

We’ll customize a version of the 3D Facilitator Training specifically for your organization.

Get Healed and Reenergized

3DHC heals the healers

Get your free eBook now!

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Individual Courses


3D Find Your Higher Purpose for Work Mini Course

Go through the process of beginning to identify your higher purpose for work. This is especially useful for those who have burned out or wish to explore going another direction in healthcare.

  • Orientation
  • 5 Lessons
  • 10 Exercises
  • 1 Workbook

3D Foundational Course

Learn the foundations and science that came together to create 3D Healthcare (recommended as a prerequisite for
the 3D Facilitator Certification Program).

  • 4 Slide Shows
  • 24 Audios
  • 4 Quizzes
  • 1 Client Discovery Form
  • 3 Workbooks
  • 1 Graduation Certificate

3D Facilitator Certification Program

This is our signature course. Take your place as a champion for staff-led change in healthcare. Become certified to facilitate 3DHC where you work in healthcare.

  • 2 Client Self Assessments
  • 5 Modules
  • 8 Videos
  • 8 Workbooks
  • 21 Lessons
  • 28 Exercises
  • 1 Final Exam (no fail)
  • 1 Graduation Module
  • 1 Certification Certificate

Client Feedback

Jennifer Misajet MHA, RN, CNOR, CSSM -- Trinity Health COO

"One of our MDs said "For years we have been talked to and told what to do. For the first time someone listened, and we decided together what to do and did it and will keep doing it". That statement alone is reason to bring 3DHC to your world."

Sue Nieboer RN, MPA – VP Operations, Gerber Memorial Health Systems

"3DHC is a holistic approach to operations. It embraces the development of the people while setting them up to be successful through optimization of the systems in which they must work. "

John Rossfeld CEO, Gila Regional Medical Center

"David helped us look at healthcare from a systems perspective few if any others in the business have done. Our organization was a much better hospital and people were better as a result of implementing 3DHC."

Start Your Journey to 3D Healthcare Success: Get Your Free Consultation Now!

We are here to serve you in becoming the best version of yourself, teaching you 3D Healthcare and Loving Systems and bringing back the purpose and fulfillment that pulled you to healthcare in the first place.